Sunday, 14 October 2012

Racking Up the Downloads!

1,185 downloads for Commando Ghost! I may be just eleven but that is pretty impressive. I may not have gotten millions of them like when a company creates the third game in a series, but I have to say 1,185 downloads is pretty good. If you downloaded my game, thank you so much for the support, I really appreciate it. The chart up above is taken from the stats tab under Commando Ghost in the App Hub. I’m really happy!

Now I am working on the update and remember please comment on the current game because I really would like the feedback!  My current plan is for Commando Ghost 2 to have power ups, tons of different enemies, a world/galaxy map with tons and tons of fun levels, a lite/trial version, a trophy room, achievements, an alien encyclopedia, player health and characteristics, perks for the player, different gameplay mechanics, new music and much much more! If you want to learn more please ask and follow my blog or subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will briefly talk about it in some of my videos! Please stay connected for more of Logan the eleven year old programmer! I hope you love Commando Ghost as much as I do!

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