Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Out in the World!

Well, now that my Windows Phone game is submitted and finally published, I am super excited and want as many people to get it and hear my story! If you want to see my game here is the link:   

Please check it out and if you are lucky enough to have a Windows Phone please download it! Once again, I am super psyched about it and I hope you enjoy the game.

Next steps…
I am working on an update for Commando Ghost where I plan to add some improvements. As of right now I am still adding to the “feature list” and if you think of anything please tell me. First I plan to add vibration when you hit an alien force field; secondly I will add a high score system. I will also make the background change (I was saving the backgrounds for the different levels in Commando Ghost 2 but the background does get a bit boring so I decided to change it).  I will also tweak the gyroscope sensitivity because I believe that in the current version of the game it sometimes can get a bit “hectic”… so I will turn it down and tweak it in other areas as well.

As I said above, if you think of a something for an update or disagree with something I am adding in the update please tell me what you think.

Also as I create Commando Ghost 2, I will slowly release information and tutorials through the blog because Commando Ghost 2 is really different and crazy. I haven’t told you a lot of the stuff but as I implement it into Commando Ghost 2 you will find out!

Please check out my game and download it or follow the blog to get updates or information faster than normal. If you want to start coding please subscribe to my YouTube channel because I will be posting tutorials there (I’m sorry if I haven’t posted a video in a while I have been really busy with getting my game published and working on the update and Commando Ghost 2 but I will keep posting tutorials on my channel)

So now here are some questions for you:
1. Do you agree with the features I have planned for the update or do you think I should add more or different things?
2.   Are you interested in coding or do you have a son or daughter who is interested in it?
3.  Do you have a Windows Phone and if so are thinking of getting Commando Ghost?
4. Is there anything that you would like me to talk about on the blog or in one of my tutorials?
5. Would you like to see more screen shots of my game or have me do a video showing off my game?

I would really appreciate if you comment and tell me about what you think I should do. Anything will be helpful and if you download my game it will be super encouraging so I encourage you to do both!

Please enjoy the blog and please come and check it to see any updates on my game!

“I am Logan. An eleven year old programmer. I published a game and it is out in the world…”

It is up to you how I end this story!

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