Tuesday, 7 August 2012


To do almost anything you have to be inspired. Inspiration can come from anything; TV, friends and family, an author, or someone revolutionary. The inspiration for my game came, not from the actuality that I love to play videogames. It was from my Dad. My Dad, when he was a teenager was programming for the Commodore 64. He created a game with his friend and quickly followed up with the sequel on the PC. I grew up surrounded by technology and computers. I used to play my dad's game on our computer always knowing my dad had made the game. It was extremely fun and I realized I wanted to make someone smile, or get mad playing or doing something I created. I played videogames trying to find out what I like in a game. I then fell in love with them. Eventually I would read or play videogames to get away from the world and just slow down.
 Right after I turned ten I went to a two week C++ camp and learned C++. I enjoyed it and then started to take semesters at the same camp after Christmas break. I learned the code I enjoyed making programs, But my journey doesn’t end there.                         
I researched what you could program C++, hoping to be able to program a game for the XBOX 360. Sadly C++ wasn’t the main programming language but C# was. I quickly switched over and learned C#. My Dad then told me about a brilliant new market that’s the Windows Phone. I quickly learned XNA and C#, to program for the Windows Phone. Deciding that I wanted my game to have gyroscope, I researched the code and drew a ghost to move around on a white background. That’s how Commando Ghost was created.
A couple of weeks later my Dad and I go to a code camp and my game started from there. Amazed by the ghost gyroscope, I decide that the ghost should battle aliens and charge into them to kill.
To create the actual game, first I drew the background, aliens and force fields. As I created the main menu I forget to add a settings button to change sound. So when I created a pause screen I added my settings there. Then I added the info screen which I put through many drafts before choosing one, the one now in my game. All of this eventually led up to my game now, and my journey.
                My game is not top notch yet. I just wanted to publish version 1 of the actual game and then update it drastically. I’ve already started working on the free update and there are going to be power ups, new enemies, better AI, new music, 6 different galaxies to play in and boss battles. The update is going to totally change everything. So when you first get the game if you choose to, remember…
Much more is yet to come…
And more, is sounding pretty good!

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