Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Art!

Blackness covered the screen, boring your mind out. That’s what would happen if there were no visuals.

The art is what appears on the screen… your character, enemies, even that annoying rock that’s in your way. In this post I will cover the art and how I made it.

I tried many art creating software but whenever I drew the character it had a white background… I looked up and downloaded gimp 2-6 and with this new software… when I started a project you could choose the background to be see-through. Now my character wouldn’t have a white background, over top the space background I drew. I was so happy, I love gimp. It works so well and you can draw some really cool stuff… good luck with your game, and if you can, try to start using Gimp!

Here is a link to gimp:

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