Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How to start!

If any of you would like to start your own journey in programming phones, in this post I will enlighten you on how you start…

·         First download Microsoft Visual Studio Express on to your computer: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff630878(v=VS.92).aspx
·         You also download the Windows Phone SDK:
·         Second start reading books about programming and try to start maybe a programming course of some sort. I will include a list of good books that teach programming on this blog site in the near future.
·         When you think you have enough info about coding to get started, try and go.
·         Remember that you will need something to run the game on, like a windows phone or you can use the emulator… but I suggest using a phone because it is a lot better than the emulator.
·         Try to find a “partner” you can work with them in making the game.

I suggest having a group of people or a partnership working on the game, different people working on different things. Remember that you probably won’t make a million dollar game on the first try… no matter what don’t give up!

Always use comments in your code it will help you understand and if you come back later debugging you will know what you are looking at. Comments will save your life.

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